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It’s hard to authenticate without more background information but it looks like it would be a fun place to spend the night.

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This looks like an interesting checklist of places to visit in Pennsylvania.

I wish there was more info linked to the page but I’m sure turning up more info wouldn’t be too hard.  Gettysburg would probably be at the top of my list to visit.  There’s lots of history there (of course) and many substantial accounts of strange goings on. I’d love to line up a few areas there and observe the activity.  It would at least be a great place for a photo walk.

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This episode is a collection of a few current stories.  Pablo and John discuss tales spanning from Scotland to North Carolina, unexpected guests, strange lights, and Bigfoot.  Who could ask for anything more!

Episode References:

Renovation Spirits at Edinburgh
Brown Mountain Lights
Bizarre Asteroid Collision
“Squeeky” Bigfoot Footage (YouTube) Bigfoot Footage
Paranormal Pastor

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Music via Magnatune ( an awesome music site that supports indie artists and podcasters:

– Track: A, Artist: Williamson
– Track: Inner Peace, Artist: Mike Wall
– Track: Nitro Dub, Artist: Stargarden
– Track: Galaxy Surf, Artist: Stephen Schweyen
– Track: Ika, Artist: Falik
– Track: Exit Zero, Artist: Swivel Neck Jones

Woohoo! Just finished the edits on episode 5 and should be on the way soon. This one is a more experimental format than the episodes so far so fire away with the critiques and high praise.

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Welcome to Fort Mifflin

Welcome to Fort Mifflin, originally uploaded by Mysterious Realm.

Welcome to Fort Mifflin! Made it to the site and ready to set up for a
daytime investigation.

We’re off to Ft Mifflin tomorrow…

Well, we’re off to Fort Mifflin to take another look around and speak

to the good people running the site. Keep a watch out for our

interview in a later Podcast about the survival of the historic site.

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Podcast Update…

mr2_icon_300x3002First of all, we would like to thank all of you who subscribed and downloaded our first podcast.  Rest assured, there’s more to come!  We’ve been working on setting up the website and we now have forums…or at least the start of them.   I just wanted to post a note to those watching the blog eagerly waiting for  the next installment.  It’s been a while since the first post (longer than we would like) but we’re putting the wraps on the next episode where we talk about our various investigation experiences in the UK as well as some interesting discussion on what it means to be a ghost.  We hope to have the next installment up this week and plan to keep the episodes coming on a regular schedule.  We look forward to hearing from you in the forums or feel free to share your thoughts via

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned!

This is the unknown image caught in Casemate 1 at Fort Mifflin in Pennsylvania. Casemate 1 is the location where the bang was heard in the hallway and the benches would come off of their legs during the night.  This is also the location of the fireplace where, according to the story told by the caretaker, the image of a soldier was captured standing behind one visitor.

Unknown image captured in Casemate #1

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